Occurrence record: UBCVascular:V75733

PreservedSpecimen of Maianthemum stellatum (L.) Link | star false Solomon's-seal recorded on 1942-06-28


Data resource University of British Columbia Herbarium - Vascular Plant Collection
Institution code Supplied institution code "ca.ubc"
Catalog number V75733
Occurrence ID F8117ED9-46FE-CC42-A0FD-E894324ECB96
Basis of record Preserved specimen
Preparations mounted
Identified by G.A. Hardy
Identified date 1942
Collector Hardy, G.A.
Supplied as "G.A. Hardy"
Record number 14822
License CC0
Collection ID urn:lsid:biocol.org:col:15106
Owner institution code University of British Columbia
Disposition in collection
Previous identifications Smilacina sessilifolia by G.A. Hardy 1942; = Smilacina stellata Det. Thomas M.C. Taylor 1959; ! Thomas M.C. Taylor 1959; = Maianthemum stellatum Det. W.J.D. Iles 2007, designated by Flora of North America, University of British Columbia Herbarium
Rightsholder University of British Columbia
Dataset name University of British Columbia Herbarium (UBC) - Vascular Plant Collection
Language en
Accessrights http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/ & http://www.canadensys.net/norms
Bibliographic citation Maianthemum stellatum (L.) Link (UBC V75733)
Occurrence remarks on “Point” (opposite Forbes)
Occurrence status present
Dataset ID http://dataset.canadensys.net/ubc-vascular-specimens
Institution ID UBC Herbarium
Collection code UBCVascular
Abcd identification qualifier Not provided
Date identified 1942


Collecting date 1942-06-28
Supplied as year:1942  month:06  day:28 
Verbatim event date 1942 Jun 28


Scientific name Maianthemum stellatum (L.) Link
Taxon rank species
Common name star false Solomon's-seal
Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Tracheophyta
Class Liliopsida
Order Asparagales
Family Asparagaceae
Genus Maianthemum
Species Maianthemum stellatum
Taxonomic issue No issues
Name match metric Exact match
The supplied name matched the name exactly.
Name parse type wellformed
Scientific name authorship (L.) Link
Nomenclatural code ICBN


Country Canada
State / Province British Columbia
Locality Lac la Hache
Latitude 51.8
Longitude -121.5
Geodetic datum
Supplied datum: "Unknown"
Coordinate precision Unknown
Coordinate uncertainty in meters 7006.0
Georeference sources Verbatim from Collector/Sheet
Georeferenced by David Rowswell
Verbatim SRS Unknown
Georeferenced date 2018
Country code CA
Verbatim longitude 121° 28' W
Verbatim latitude 51° 49' N

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Type PhysicalObject

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    Invalid scientific name Passed
    Name not in national checklists Passed
    Decimal coordinates not supplied Passed
    Geodetic datum assumed WGS84 Passed
    Coordinates are transposed Passed
    Coordinates are out of range for species Passed
    Supplied coordinates are zero Passed
    Zero latitude Passed
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    Supplied country not recognised Passed
    Coordinate uncertainty not valid Passed
    Coordinate uncertainty not specified Passed
    Location not supplied Passed
    Country inferred from coordinates Passed
    Supplied coordinates centre of state Passed
    Coordinates centre of country Passed
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