With preserved insects from around the planet, the E.H. Strickland Entomological Museum is an invaluable resource for researchers, students, and naturalists as it houses approximately one million specimens. It holds the largest collection of Mexican ground beetles in the world, as well as significant collections of other insects from North America. It is an extremely important regional collection, with specimens representing most species of insects in the province of Alberta.

The E. H. Strickland Entomological Museum houses approximately one million specimens. The research collection includes principally Nearctic insects, representing most orders and the major families thereof. The beetle family Carabidae is especially well represented: included are about 400,000 specimens mainly from the Nearctic region, but with an important Neotropical component, and fewer taxa from the remaining biogeographic regions of the world. The moths and butterflies, order Lepidoptera, with over 65,000 specimens, about half of which are from Alberta localities, are another group of major interest.

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Kingdoms covered include: Animalia.

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Number of specimens in the collection

The estimated number of specimens in the E. H. Strickland Entomological Museum collection is 1,000,000.

Of these 343,448 are databased. This represents 34.3 % of the collection.

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The E. H. Strickland Entomological Museum collection has an estimated 1,000,000 specimens.
The collection has databased 34.3 % of these (343,448 records).

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