The Jardin botanique de Montréal or Montreal Botanical Garden, is one of four municipal scientific museums committed to biodiversity and sustainable development. The botanical garden has approximately 22,000 taxa (species and cultivars) in culture in its 30 or so exterior thematic gardens and 10 exhibition greenhouses. The major exterior gardens include an arboretum, an alpine garden, a perennial and shade garden as well as Chinese, Japanese and First Nations Gardens. Greenhouses contain extensive orchid, aroid, begonia, gesneriad, bromeliad, succulent and fern collections. This dataset contains only the living and location non-sensitive specimens of the collection.

The collection was established in 1931 and ceased acquisitions in present.

Taxonomic range

Specialty collections include wild collected Araceae from French Guyana, a recognized North American Plant Collection Consortium (NAPCC) botanical rose collection and a substantial orchid collection. American Begonia species are also well represented in the collections.

Kingdoms covered include: Plantae.

Number of specimens in the collection

Of these 24,583 are databased. This represents of the collection.

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