The R.J. Staniforth herbarium is located in room 2RC086 of the Richardson Science Complex, and contains ca. 7000 vascular plants specimens, mostly from Manitoba. The herbarium started as a small teaching collection with most specimens collected by professor Staniforth. Specimens collected by students of Flora of Manitoba and other courses with a field component have been added since.

Currently, the collection is being digitized and all label information is being entered into a database using Merlin, with guidance from professor René Belland (U. Calgary) and much help from work-study students and volunteers.

Taxonomic range

Kingdoms covered include: Plantae.

Geographic range

Primarily the Flora of Manitoba

The western most extent of the collection is: -134.640000°

The eastern most extent of the collection is: -53.430000°

The northern most extent of the collection is: 67.600000°

The southern most extent of the collection is: 37.710000°

Number of specimens in the collection

The estimated number of specimens in the Richard Staniforth Herbarium is 7,000.

Of these 1,485 are databased. This represents 21.2 % of the collection.

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Digitised records available through the Atlas

The Richard Staniforth Herbarium has an estimated 7,000 specimens.
The collection has databased 21.2 % of these (1,485 records).

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