Bird Studies Canada

Acronym: BSC EOC


Bird Studies Canada conserves wild birds through sound science, on-the-ground actions, innovative partnerships, public engagement, and science-based advocacy.


  1. BC Coastal Waterbird Survey Bird Observations from the BC Coastal Waterbird Survey
  2. Canadian Lakes Loon Survey With its black and white plumage, large profile and haunting calls the Common Loon is Canada's most iconic and beloved inhabitant of our lakes. But this ancient predator is undergoing systemic and increasing human pressure; pressures great enough that loons may someday be unable to maintain their current population levels...
  3. Marsh Monitoring Program The Great Lakes Marsh Monitoring Program is a bi-national, long-term monitoring program that coordinates the skills and dedication of hundreds of volunteer Citizen Scientists throughout the Great Lakes basin of Ontario and the United States.
  4. Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas Bird observations from the first Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario

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