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Occurrence Web Services (old reference)

These webservices provide spatial search capabilities for occurrence records, mapping service (WMS) and parsing services.
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Explore services

This section describes the services that can be used to explore a region or query. The Explore services provide the number of distinct species and total species counts for each of the species_groups for the supplied details. In the services listed below the following params can be supplied: The available services:


This section outlines the breakdown services that are available. These services are available for each of the different collectory types: In the services specified below {collectorytype} must be one of the above values.


The remaining services in the section only support POST. All services must supply apiKey as a parameter.


Parsing Webservices

Mapping Services (/mapping)

WMS Services

These services are suitable for use with a OGC client or an OGC friendly API like openlayers. Examples of use are available here

Outlier information

These are webservices for reporting the on outlier details for records.

Duplicate Detection information

This is the webservice for reporting the details of a duplicate. It indicates the criteria that was used to determine the duplcates.

Assertion Query

A assertion query allows a group of occurrences to have the same assertion applied at once. The occurrences that make up the assertions are identified by a reusable query. New occurrences that satisfy the query will have the assertion added the next time it is applied. The only supported query type is based on a wkt area and species name as defined below. In the future we may support custom queries.

These are webservices for working with the query assertions.

Endemism Services

These are webservices for reporting information about species that are endemic to specific areas. Endemism is determined by comparing the list of species that occur inside to those that occur outside the supplied area. There is a "feature" where by species that occur on the border of the area are considered to be inside and outside the region.

The services above support the following params:

The endemism services support the use of POSTED q and wkt values. See POST Query Details for more information.

Free text search of occurrence records (will return JSON)