Canadensys Canadensys

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include plants that may also occur in Greenland or Saint Pierre and Miquelon

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  • Canada
  • PacificBritish Columbia
  • PrairiesAlberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • CentralOntario
  • Quebec
  • AtlanticNew Brunswick
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Nova Scotia
  • Newfoundland
  • Labrador
  • Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  • ArcticYukon
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nunavut
  • Greenland

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Results: 51

Rank Scientific name Habit BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NL-N NL-L SM YT NT NU GL
Subfamily Lamioideae Herb
Tribe Marrubieae Herb
Genus Ballota Herb
Species Ballota nigra Herb
Subspecies Ballota nigra subsp. nigra Herb
Genus Marrubium Herb
Species Marrubium vulgare Herb
Genus Moluccella Herb
Species Moluccella laevis Herb
Tribe Lamieae Herb
Genus Lamium Herb
Species Lamium album Herb
Species Lamium amplexicaule Herb
Species Lamium hybridum Herb
Species Lamium maculatum Herb
Species Lamium purpureum Herb
Species Lamium confertum Herb
Species Lamium galeobdolon Herb
Tribe Leonureae Herb
Genus Leonurus Herb
Species Leonurus sibiricus Herb
Species Leonurus cardiaca Herb
Subspecies Leonurus cardiaca subsp. cardiaca Herb
Tribe Synandreae Herb
Genus Physostegia Herb
Species Physostegia ledinghamii Herb
Species Physostegia parviflora Herb
Species Physostegia virginiana Herb
Subspecies Physostegia virginiana subsp. virginiana Herb
Tribe Stachydeae Herb
Genus Stachys Herb
Species Stachys annua Herb
Species Stachys arvensis Herb
Species Stachys byzantina Herb
Species Stachys germanica Herb
Species Stachys hispida Herb
Species Stachys mexicana Herb
Species Stachys officinalis Herb
Species Stachys palustris Herb
Species Stachys sylvatica Herb
Species Stachys chamissonis Herb
Variety Stachys chamissonis var. cooleyae Herb
Species Stachys pilosa Herb
Variety Stachys pilosa var. arenicola Herb
Variety Stachys pilosa var. pilosa Herb
Species Stachys tenuifolia Herb
Genus Galeopsis Herb
Species Galeopsis bifida Herb
Species Galeopsis ladanum Herb
Species Galeopsis speciosa Herb
Species Galeopsis tetrahit Herb