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Results: 73

Rank Scientific name Habit BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NL-N NL-L SM YT NT NU GL
Tribe Cardueae Herb
Genus Rhaponticum Herb
Species Rhaponticum repens Herb
Genus Arctium Herb
Species Arctium lappa Herb
Species Arctium minus Herb
Species Arctium tomentosum Herb
Genus Carduus Herb
Species Carduus crispus Herb
Species Carduus acanthoides Herb
Subspecies Carduus acanthoides subsp. acanthoides Herb
Species Carduus nutans Herb
Subspecies Carduus nutans subsp. leiophyllus Herb
Subspecies Carduus nutans subsp. nutans Herb
Genus Carthamus Herb
Species Carthamus creticus Herb
Species Carthamus tinctorius Herb
Genus Centaurea Herb
Species Centaurea benedicta Herb
Species Centaurea calcitrapa Herb
Species Centaurea cyanus Herb
Species Centaurea diffusa Herb
Species Centaurea jacea Herb
Species Centaurea macrocephala Herb
Species Centaurea melitensis Herb
Species Centaurea montana Herb
Species Centaurea nigra Herb
Species Centaurea nigrescens Herb
Species Centaurea scabiosa Herb
Species Centaurea solstitialis Herb
Species Centaurea stoebe Herb
Subspecies Centaurea stoebe subsp. australis Herb
Species Centaurea dealbata Herb
Genus Cirsium Herb
Species Cirsium arvense Herb
Species Cirsium brevistylum Herb
Species Cirsium discolor Herb
Species Cirsium drummondii Herb
Species Cirsium flodmanii Herb
Species Cirsium foliosum Herb
Species Cirsium helenioides Herb
Species Cirsium hookerianum Herb
Species Cirsium muticum Herb
Species Cirsium palustre Herb
Species Cirsium pitcheri Herb
Species Cirsium undulatum Herb
Species Cirsium vulgare Herb
Species Cirsium canescens Herb
Species Cirsium edule Herb
Variety Cirsium edule var. macounii Herb
Species Cirsium pumilum Herb
Variety Cirsium pumilum var. hillii Herb
Species Cirsium scariosum Herb
Variety Cirsium scariosum var. scariosum Herb
Genus Echinops Herb
Species Echinops exaltatus Herb
Species Echinops sphaerocephalus Herb
Genus Onopordum Herb
Species Onopordum acanthium Herb
Subspecies Onopordum acanthium subsp. acanthium Herb
Genus Saussurea Herb
Species Saussurea americana Herb
Species Saussurea nuda Herb
Species Saussurea amara Herb
Variety Saussurea amara var. glomerata Herb
Species Saussurea angustifolia Herb
Variety Saussurea angustifolia var. angustifolia Herb
Variety Saussurea angustifolia var. viscida Herb
Variety Saussurea angustifolia var. yukonensis Herb
Genus Silybum Herb
Species Silybum marianum Herb
Genus Amberboa Herb
Species Amberboa moschata Herb