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Rank Scientific name Habit BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NL-N NL-L SM YT NT NU GL
Superorder Saxifraganae Herb, Shrub, Tree
Order Saxifragales Herb, Shrub, Tree
Family Crassulaceae Herb
Subfamily Sempervivoideae Herb
Tribe Sedeae Herb
Genus Hylotelephium Herb
Species Hylotelephium telephium Herb
Species Hylotelephium telephioides Herb
Species Hylotelephium spectabile Herb
Species Hylotelephium erythrostictum Herb
Genus Rhodiola Herb
Species Rhodiola rosea Herb
Species Rhodiola integrifolia Herb
Subspecies Rhodiola integrifolia subsp. integrifolia Herb
Genus Sedum Herb
Species Sedum acre Herb
Species Sedum album Herb
Species Sedum annuum Herb
Species Sedum divergens Herb
Species Sedum hispanicum Herb
Species Sedum sarmentosum Herb
Species Sedum sexangulare Herb
Species Sedum ternatum Herb
Species Sedum villosum Herb
Species Sedum lanceolatum Herb
Variety Sedum lanceolatum var. lanceolatum Herb
Variety Sedum lanceolatum var. nesioticum Herb
Species Sedum oreganum Herb
Variety Sedum oreganum var. oreganum Herb
Variety Sedum oreganum var. tenue Herb
Species Sedum spathulifolium Herb
Variety Sedum spathulifolium var. pruinosum Herb
Variety Sedum spathulifolium var. spathulifolium Herb
Species Sedum stenopetalum Herb
Variety Sedum stenopetalum var. stenopetalum Herb
Variety Sedum stenopetalum var. monanthum Herb
Species Sedum thartii Herb
Genus Sempervivum Herb
Species Sempervivum tectorum Herb
Genus Phedimus Herb
Species Phedimus aizoon Herb
Species Phedimus spurius Herb
Species Phedimus hybridus Herb
Genus Petrosedum Herb
Species Petrosedum rupestre Herb
Species Petrosedum ochroleucum Herb
Species Petrosedum forsterianum Herb
Subfamily Crassuloideae Herb
Genus Crassula Herb
Species Crassula aquatica Herb
Species Crassula connata Herb
Species Crassula tillaea Herb
Species Crassula viridis Herb
Family Grossulariaceae Shrub
Genus Ribes Shrub
Species Ribes acerifolium Shrub
Species Ribes americanum Shrub
Species Ribes bracteosum Shrub
Species Ribes cynosbati Shrub
Species Ribes diacanthum Shrub
Species Ribes glandulosum Shrub
Species Ribes hirtellum Shrub
Species Ribes lacustre Shrub
Species Ribes laxiflorum Shrub
Species Ribes lobbii Shrub
Species Ribes missouriense Shrub
Species Ribes montigenum Shrub
Species Ribes nigrum Shrub
Species Ribes rubrum Shrub
Species Ribes triste Shrub
Species Ribes uva-crispa Shrub
Species Ribes watsonianum Shrub
Species Ribes alpinum Shrub
Species Ribes aureum Shrub
Variety Ribes aureum var. aureum Shrub
Variety Ribes aureum var. villosum Shrub
Species Ribes cereum Shrub
Variety Ribes cereum var. cereum Shrub
Species Ribes divaricatum Shrub
Variety Ribes divaricatum var. divaricatum Shrub
Species Ribes hudsonianum Shrub
Variety Ribes hudsonianum var. hudsonianum Shrub
Variety Ribes hudsonianum var. petiolare Shrub
Species Ribes inerme Shrub
Variety Ribes inerme var. inerme Shrub
Species Ribes sanguineum Shrub
Variety Ribes sanguineum var. sanguineum Shrub
Species Ribes viscosissimum Shrub
Variety Ribes viscosissimum var. viscosissimum Shrub
Species Ribes oxyacanthoides Shrub
Variety Ribes oxyacanthoides var. oxyacanthoides Shrub
Variety Ribes oxyacanthoides var. irriguum Shrub
Variety Ribes oxyacanthoides var. setosum Shrub
Variety Ribes oxyacanthoides var. cognatum Shrub
Family Haloragaceae Herb
Genus Myriophyllum Herb
Subgenus Myriophyllum subg. Myriophyllum Herb
Section Myriophyllum sect. Myriophyllum Herb
Subsection Myriophyllum subsect. Myriophyllum Herb
Species Myriophyllum alterniflorum Herb
Species Myriophyllum quitense Herb
Species Myriophyllum sibiricum Herb
Species Myriophyllum spicatum Herb
Subsection Myriophyllum subsect. Isophylleae Herb
Species Myriophyllum verticillatum Herb
Section Myriophyllum sect. Pectinatum Herb
Species Myriophyllum aquaticum Herb
Subgenus Myriophyllum subg. Brachytheca Herb
Section Myriophyllum sect. Tessaronia Herb
Subsection Myriophyllum subsect. Spondylastrum Herb
Species Myriophyllum heterophyllum Herb
Species Myriophyllum hippuroides Herb
Species Myriophyllum humile Herb
Species Myriophyllum pinnatum Herb
Species Myriophyllum tenellum Herb
Species Myriophyllum farwellii Herb
Section Myriophyllum sect. Pentapteris Herb
Subsection Myriophyllum subsect. Nudiflorum Herb
Species Myriophyllum ussuriense Herb
Genus Proserpinaca Herb
Species Proserpinaca intermedia Herb
Species Proserpinaca palustris Herb
Species Proserpinaca pectinata Herb
Family Hamamelidaceae Tree, Shrub
Subfamily Hamamelidoideae Tree, Shrub
Tribe Hamamelideae Tree, Shrub
Genus Hamamelis Tree, Shrub
Species Hamamelis virginiana Tree, Shrub
Family Paeoniaceae Herb
Genus Paeonia Herb
Species Paeonia lactiflora Herb
Species Paeonia officinalis Herb
Family Saxifragaceae Herb
Genus Boykinia Herb
Species Boykinia occidentalis Herb
Species Boykinia richardsonii Herb
Genus Chrysosplenium Herb
Species Chrysosplenium americanum Herb
Species Chrysosplenium iowense Herb
Species Chrysosplenium tetrandrum Herb
Species Chrysosplenium wrightii Herb
Species Chrysosplenium rosendahlii Herb
Genus Conimitella Herb
Species Conimitella williamsii Herb
Genus Elmera Herb
Species Elmera racemosa Herb
Genus Heuchera Herb
Species Heuchera chlorantha Herb
Species Heuchera cylindrica Herb
Species Heuchera glabra Herb
Species Heuchera parvifolia Herb
Species Heuchera richardsonii Herb
Species Heuchera americana Herb
Variety Heuchera americana var. americana Herb
Species Heuchera micrantha Herb
Variety Heuchera micrantha var. diversifolia Herb
Genus Leptarrhena Herb
Species Leptarrhena pyrolifolia Herb
Genus Lithophragma Herb
Species Lithophragma glabrum Herb
Species Lithophragma parviflorum Herb
Species Lithophragma tenellum Herb
Genus Mitella Herb
Species Mitella caulescens Herb
Species Mitella diphylla Herb
Species Mitella nuda Herb
Species Mitella trifida Herb
Genus Saxifraga Herb
Section Saxifraga sect. Saxifraga Herb
Species Saxifraga adscendens Herb
Species Saxifraga tridactylites Herb
Species Saxifraga cespitosa Herb
Species Saxifraga rosacea Herb
Section Saxifraga sect. Mesogyne Herb
Species Saxifraga cernua Herb
Species Saxifraga hyperborea Herb
Species Saxifraga radiata Herb
Species Saxifraga rivularis Herb
Subspecies Saxifraga rivularis subsp. rivularis Herb
Subspecies Saxifraga rivularis subsp. arctolitoralis Herb
Species Saxifraga sibirica Herb
Section Saxifraga sect. Ciliatae Herb
Species Saxifraga eschscholtzii Herb
Species Saxifraga flagellaris Herb
Subspecies Saxifraga flagellaris subsp. platysepala Herb
Subspecies Saxifraga flagellaris subsp. setigera Herb
Species Saxifraga hirculus Herb
Species Saxifraga serpyllifolia Herb
Section Saxifraga sect. Irregulares Herb
Species Saxifraga mertensiana Herb
Section Saxifraga sect. Porphyrion Herb
Species Saxifraga nathorstii Herb
Species Saxifraga oppositifolia Herb
Subspecies Saxifraga oppositifolia subsp. oppositifolia Herb
Subspecies Saxifraga oppositifolia subsp. smalliana Herb
Species Saxifraga aizoides Herb
Section Saxifraga sect. Ligulatae Herb
Species Saxifraga paniculata Herb
Subspecies Saxifraga paniculata subsp. laestadii Herb
Section Saxifraga sect. Bronchiales Herb