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Results: 134

Rank Scientific name Habit BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NL-N NL-L SM YT NT NU GL
Subfamily Panicoideae Herb
Tribe Andropogoneae Herb
Subtribe Andropogoninae Herb
Genus Andropogon Herb
Section Andropogon sect. Andropogon Herb
Species Andropogon gerardi Herb
Species Andropogon hallii Herb
Section Andropogon sect. Leptopogon Herb
Species Andropogon virginicus Herb
Variety Andropogon virginicus var. virginicus Herb
Genus Schizachyrium Herb
Species Schizachyrium scoparium Herb
Variety Schizachyrium scoparium var. scoparium Herb
Variety Schizachyrium scoparium var. littorale Herb
Subtribe Saccharinae Herb
Genus Miscanthus Herb
Species Miscanthus sacchariflorus Herb
Species Miscanthus sinensis Herb
Subtribe Sorghinae Herb
Genus Sorghastrum Herb
Species Sorghastrum nutans Herb
Genus Sorghum Herb
Species Sorghum halepense Herb
Species Sorghum bicolor Herb
Subspecies Sorghum bicolor subsp. bicolor Herb
Subtribe Tripsacinae Herb
Genus Zea Herb
Species Zea mays Herb
Subspecies Zea mays subsp. mays Herb
Tribe Paniceae Herb
Subtribe Cenchrinae Herb
Genus Cenchrus Herb
Species Cenchrus longispinus Herb
Subtribe Panicinae Herb
Genus Dichanthelium Herb
Section Dichanthelium sect. Macrocarpa Herb
Species Dichanthelium latifolium Herb
Species Dichanthelium leibergii Herb
Species Dichanthelium xanthophysum Herb
Species Dichanthelium boscii Herb
Section Dichanthelium sect. Clandestina Herb
Species Dichanthelium clandestinum Herb
Section Dichanthelium sect. Oligosantha Herb
Species Dichanthelium oligosanthes Herb
Subspecies Dichanthelium oligosanthes subsp. oligosanthes Herb
Subspecies Dichanthelium oligosanthes subsp. scribnerianum Herb
Section Dichanthelium sect. Lanuginosa Herb
Species Dichanthelium acuminatum Herb
Species Dichanthelium ovale Herb
Species Dichanthelium commonsianum Herb
Species Dichanthelium implicatum Herb
Species Dichanthelium lanuginosum Herb
Species Dichanthelium lindheimeri Herb
Species Dichanthelium longiligulatum Herb
Species Dichanthelium meridionale Herb
Species Dichanthelium praecocius Herb
Species Dichanthelium spretum Herb
Species Dichanthelium thermale Herb
Subspecies Dichanthelium thermale subsp. sericeum Herb
Species Dichanthelium villosissimum Herb
Species Dichanthelium subvillosum Herb
Species Dichanthelium portoricense Herb
Section Dichanthelium sect. Dichanthelium Herb
Species Dichanthelium dichotomum Herb
Subspecies Dichanthelium dichotomum subsp. dichotomum Herb
Species Dichanthelium boreale Herb
Section Dichanthelium sect. Sphaerocarpa Herb
Species Dichanthelium sphaerocarpon Herb
Section Dichanthelium sect. Linearifolia Herb
Species Dichanthelium wilcoxianum Herb
Species Dichanthelium perlongum Herb
Species Dichanthelium linearifolium Herb
Species Dichanthelium depauperatum Herb
Genus Echinochloa Herb
Species Echinochloa colona Herb
Species Echinochloa crus-galli Herb
Species Echinochloa frumentacea Herb
Species Echinochloa walteri Herb
Species Echinochloa crus-pavonis Herb
Variety Echinochloa crus-pavonis var. macera Herb
Species Echinochloa muricata Herb
Variety Echinochloa muricata var. microstachya Herb
Variety Echinochloa muricata var. muricata Herb
Genus Panicum Herb
Subgenus Panicum subg. Panicum Herb
Section Panicum sect. Panicum Herb
Species Panicum miliaceum Herb
Subspecies Panicum miliaceum subsp. miliaceum Herb
Subspecies Panicum miliaceum subsp. ruderale Herb
Species Panicum capillare Herb
Species Panicum philadelphicum Herb
Species Panicum flexile Herb
Species Panicum hirticaule Herb
Subspecies Panicum hirticaule subsp. sonorum Herb
Section Panicum sect. Dichotomiflora Herb
Species Panicum dichotomiflorum Herb
Subspecies Panicum dichotomiflorum subsp. dichotomiflorum Herb
Subspecies Panicum dichotomiflorum subsp. puritanorum Herb
Section Panicum sect. Repentia Herb
Species Panicum virgatum Herb
Genus Coleataenia Herb
Species Coleataenia rigidula Herb
Subspecies Coleataenia rigidula subsp. rigidula Herb
Species Coleataenia longifolia Herb
Subspecies Coleataenia longifolia subsp. longifolia Herb
Subtribe Digitariinae Herb
Genus Digitaria Herb
Species Digitaria cognata Herb
Species Digitaria ischaemum Herb
Species Digitaria sanguinalis Herb
Subtribe Paspalinae Herb
Genus Paspalum Herb
Species Paspalum racemosum Herb
Species Paspalum setaceum Herb
Variety Paspalum setaceum var. muhlenbergii Herb
Variety Paspalum setaceum var. stramineum Herb
Species Paspalum distichum Herb
Subtribe Setariinae Herb
Genus Setaria Herb
Subgenus Setaria subg. Setaria Herb
Species Setaria viridis Herb
Variety Setaria viridis var. viridis Herb
Species Setaria verticillata Herb
Species Setaria verticilliformis Herb
Species Setaria faberi Herb
Species Setaria italica Herb
Species Setaria pumila Herb
Subtribe Melinidinae Herb
Genus Eriochloa Herb
Species Eriochloa contracta Herb
Species Eriochloa villosa Herb
Tribe Chasmanthieae Herb
Genus Chasmanthium Herb
Species Chasmanthium latifolium Herb