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include plants that may also occur in Greenland or Saint Pierre and Miquelon

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  • PacificBritish Columbia
  • PrairiesAlberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • CentralOntario
  • Quebec
  • AtlanticNew Brunswick
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Nova Scotia
  • Newfoundland
  • Labrador
  • Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  • ArcticYukon
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nunavut
  • Greenland

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Results: 42

Rank Scientific name Habit BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NL-N NL-L SM YT NT NU GL
Superorder Magnolianae Herb, Tree, Shrub
Order Laurales Herb
Family Lauraceae Herb
Subfamily Lauroideae Herb
Tribe Laureae Herb
Genus Lindera Herb
Species Lindera benzoin Herb
Genus Sassafras Herb
Species Sassafras albidum Herb
Order Magnoliales Tree, Shrub, Herb
Family Annonaceae Tree, Shrub
Subfamily Annonoideae Tree, Shrub
Tribe Annoneae Tree, Shrub
Genus Asimina Tree, Shrub
Species Asimina triloba Tree, Shrub
Family Magnoliaceae Tree, Herb, Shrub
Subfamily Liriodendroideae Tree
Genus Liriodendron Tree
Species Liriodendron tulipifera Tree
Subfamily Magnolioideae Tree, Herb, Shrub
Tribe Magnolieae Tree, Herb, Shrub
Genus Magnolia Tree, Herb, Shrub
Species Magnolia acuminata Tree
Species Magnolia kobus Tree, Shrub
Order Piperales Herb
Family Aristolochiaceae Herb
Subfamily Aristolochioideae Herb
Tribe Aristolochieae Herb
Genus Aristolochia Herb
Species Aristolochia clematitis Herb
Genus Isotrema Herb
Species Isotrema macrophyllum Herb
Subfamily Asaroideae Herb
Tribe Asareae Herb
Genus Asarum Herb
Section Asarum sect. Asarum Herb
Species Asarum caudatum Herb
Variety Asarum caudatum var. caudatum Herb
Species Asarum canadense Herb
Family Saururaceae Herb
Genus Saururus Herb
Species Saururus cernuus Herb