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Results: 108

Rank Scientific name Habit BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NL-N NL-L SM YT NT NU GL
Subfamily Nepetoideae Herb
Tribe Mentheae Herb
Subtribe Nepetinae Herb
Genus Agastache Herb
Species Agastache foeniculum Herb
Species Agastache nepetoides Herb
Species Agastache scrophulariifolia Herb
Species Agastache urticifolia Herb
Genus Dracocephalum Herb
Species Dracocephalum parviflorum Herb
Species Dracocephalum thymiflorum Herb
Genus Glechoma Herb
Species Glechoma hederacea Herb
Genus Nepeta Herb
Species Nepeta camphorata Herb
Species Nepeta cataria Herb
Species Nepeta grandiflora Herb
Subtribe Menthinae Herb
Genus Blephilia Herb
Species Blephilia ciliata Herb
Species Blephilia hirsuta Herb
Genus Clinopodium Herb
Species Clinopodium acinos Herb
Species Clinopodium arkansanum Herb
Species Clinopodium glabellum Herb
Species Clinopodium douglasii Herb
Species Clinopodium vulgare Herb
Subspecies Clinopodium vulgare subsp. vulgare Herb
Species Clinopodium menthifolium Herb
Subspecies Clinopodium menthifolium subsp. ascendens Herb
Subspecies Clinopodium menthifolium subsp. menthifolium Herb
Genus Hedeoma Herb
Species Hedeoma hispida Herb
Species Hedeoma pulegioides Herb
Genus Hyssopus Herb
Species Hyssopus officinalis Herb
Genus Lycopus Herb
Species Lycopus americanus Herb
Species Lycopus laurentianus Herb
Species Lycopus asper Herb
Species Lycopus europaeus Herb
Species Lycopus uniflorus Herb
Species Lycopus virginicus Herb
Species Lycopus rubellus Herb
Genus Mentha Herb
Section Mentha sect. Pulegium Herb
Species Mentha pulegium Herb
Species Mentha requienii Herb
Section Mentha sect. Mentha Herb
Species Mentha arvensis Herb
Species Mentha canadensis Herb
Species Mentha aquatica Herb
Species Mentha spicata Herb
Species Mentha suaveolens Herb
Genus Monarda Herb
Subgenus Monarda subg. Monarda Herb
Species Monarda didyma Herb
Species Monarda fistulosa Herb
Variety Monarda fistulosa var. fistulosa Herb
Variety Monarda fistulosa var. menthifolia Herb
Subgenus Monarda subg. Cheilyctis Herb
Species Monarda punctata Herb
Variety Monarda punctata var. villicaulis Herb
Genus Monardella Herb
Species Monardella odoratissima Herb
Subspecies Monardella odoratissima subsp. odoratissima Herb
Genus Origanum Herb
Species Origanum vulgare Herb
Subspecies Origanum vulgare subsp. vulgare Herb
Subspecies Origanum vulgare subsp. hirtum Herb
Subspecies Origanum vulgare subsp. viridulum Herb
Genus Prunella Herb
Species Prunella vulgaris Herb
Variety Prunella vulgaris var. lanceolata Herb
Variety Prunella vulgaris var. vulgaris Herb
Genus Pycnanthemum Herb
Species Pycnanthemum tenuifolium Herb
Species Pycnanthemum virginianum Herb
Species Pycnanthemum incanum Herb
Variety Pycnanthemum incanum var. incanum Herb
Species Pycnanthemum verticillatum Herb
Variety Pycnanthemum verticillatum var. pilosum Herb
Variety Pycnanthemum verticillatum var. verticillatum Herb
Genus Satureja Herb
Species Satureja hortensis Herb
Genus Thymus Herb
Species Thymus pulegioides Herb
Species Thymus praecox Herb
Subspecies Thymus praecox subsp. britannicus Herb
Subtribe Salviinae Herb
Genus Salvia Herb
Species Salvia nemorosa Herb
Species Salvia officinalis Herb
Species Salvia pratensis Herb
Species Salvia reflexa Herb
Species Salvia sclarea Herb
Species Salvia verticillata Herb
Species Salvia parvula Herb
Genus Melissa Herb
Species Melissa officinalis Herb
Subspecies Melissa officinalis subsp. officinalis Herb
Tribe Elsholtzieae Herb
Genus Collinsonia Herb
Species Collinsonia canadensis Herb
Genus Elsholtzia Herb
Species Elsholtzia ciliata Herb
Genus Perilla Herb
Species Perilla frutescens Herb