Canadensys Canadensys

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include plants that may also occur in Greenland or Saint Pierre and Miquelon

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  • Canada
  • PacificBritish Columbia
  • PrairiesAlberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • CentralOntario
  • Quebec
  • AtlanticNew Brunswick
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Nova Scotia
  • Newfoundland
  • Labrador
  • Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  • ArcticYukon
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nunavut
  • Greenland

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Results: 61

Rank Scientific name Habit BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NL-N NL-L SM YT NT NU GL
Species Bidens amplissima Herb
Species Nonea vesicaria Herb
Species Amsinckia menziesii Herb
Species Gentiana lutea Herb
Species Solanum interius Herb
Species Blitum virgatum Herb
Subspecies Blitum virgatum subsp. virgatum Herb
Section Silene sect. Conoimorpha Herb
Species Silene conoidea Herb
Species Silene sibirica Herb
Species Dianthus seguieri Herb
Species Dianthus sylvestris Herb
Tribe Sclerantheae Herb
Species Spergularia diandra Herb
Species Fallopia scandens Herb
Species Rumex confertus Herb
Species Elodea nuttallii Herb
Species Andropogon hallii Herb
Species Echinochloa frumentacea Herb
Species Alopecurus myosuroides Herb
Species Lolium rigidum Herb
Genus Triticum Herb
Species Triticum turgidum Herb
Subfamily Oryzoideae Herb
Tribe Oryzeae Herb
Subsection Delphinium subsect. Exaltata Herb
Species Delphinium glaucum Herb
Species Camelina alyssum Herb
Species Rorippa austriaca Herb
Genus Hornungia Herb
Species Hornungia procumbens Herb
Species Sisymbrium linifolium Herb
Genus Strigosella Herb
Species Strigosella africana Herb
Genus Sphaerophysa Herb
Species Sphaerophysa salsula Herb
Species Caragana halodendron Shrub
Species Melilotus elegans Herb
Species Melilotus wolgicus Herb
Genus Ononis Herb
Species Ononis spinosa Herb
Subspecies Ononis spinosa subsp. hircina Herb
Genus Trigonella Herb
Species Trigonella caerulea Herb
Family Elatinaceae Herb
Genus Elatine Herb
Species Euphorbia agraria Herb
Subsection Viola subsect. Cleistogamae Herb
Species Viola rafinesquei Herb
Genus Lavatera Herb
Species Lavatera thuringiaca Herb
Species Tilia americana Tree
Order Oxalidales Herb
Family Oxalidaceae Herb
Genus Oxalis Herb
Species Cotoneaster laxiflorus Shrub
Variety Aruncus dioicus var. acuminatus Herb
Genus Thesium Herb
Species Thesium ramosum Herb
Family Crassulaceae Herb
Species Ribes diacanthum Shrub