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Rank Scientific name Habit BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NL-N NL-L SM YT NT NU GL
Order Malpighiales Shrub, Herb, Tree
Family Elatinaceae Herb
Genus Elatine Herb
Species Elatine hydropiper Herb
Species Elatine minima Herb
Species Elatine rubella Herb
Species Elatine americana Herb
Species Elatine ojibwayensis Herb
Species Elatine brachysperma Herb
Species Elatine triandra Herb
Family Euphorbiaceae Herb
Subfamily Acalyphoideae Herb
Tribe Acalypheae Herb
Genus Acalypha Herb
Species Acalypha rhomboidea Herb
Species Acalypha gracilens Herb
Genus Mercurialis Herb
Species Mercurialis annua Herb
Subfamily Crotonoideae Herb
Tribe Crotoneae Herb
Genus Croton Herb
Species Croton capitatus Herb
Subfamily Euphorbioideae Herb
Tribe Euphorbieae Herb
Genus Euphorbia Herb
Subgenus Euphorbia subg. Esula Herb
Species Euphorbia agraria Herb
Species Euphorbia commutata Herb
Species Euphorbia cyparissias Herb
Species Euphorbia esula Herb
Species Euphorbia virgata Herb
Species Euphorbia exigua Herb
Species Euphorbia helioscopia Herb
Species Euphorbia lathyris Herb
Species Euphorbia myrsinites Herb
Species Euphorbia spathulata Herb
Species Euphorbia peplus Herb
Species Euphorbia platyphyllos Herb
Species Euphorbia lucida Herb
Species Euphorbia epithymoides Herb
Subgenus Euphorbia subg. Chamaesyce Herb
Section Euphorbia sect. Anisophyllum Herb
Species Euphorbia geyeri Herb
Variety Euphorbia geyeri var. geyeri Herb
Species Euphorbia glyptosperma Herb
Species Euphorbia humistrata Herb
Species Euphorbia maculata Herb
Species Euphorbia nutans Herb
Species Euphorbia polygonifolia Herb
Species Euphorbia serpens Herb
Species Euphorbia serpillifolia Herb
Subspecies Euphorbia serpillifolia subsp. serpillifolia Herb
Species Euphorbia vermiculata Herb
Section Euphorbia sect. Alectoroctonum Herb
Species Euphorbia corollata Herb
Species Euphorbia marginata Herb
Section Euphorbia sect. Poinsettia Herb
Species Euphorbia davidii Herb
Species Euphorbia dentata Herb
Species Euphorbia heterophylla Herb
Family Hypericaceae Herb, Shrub
Tribe Hypericeae Herb, Shrub
Genus Hypericum Herb, Shrub
Section Hypericum sect. Brathys Herb
Species Hypericum anagalloides Herb
Species Hypericum canadense Herb
Species Hypericum gentianoides Herb
Species Hypericum majus Herb
Species Hypericum mutilum Herb
Subspecies Hypericum mutilum subsp. mutilum Herb
Species Hypericum boreale Herb
Section Hypericum sect. Roscyna Herb
Species Hypericum ascyron Herb
Subspecies Hypericum ascyron subsp. pyramidatum Herb
Section Hypericum sect. Myriandra Shrub, Herb
Species Hypericum ellipticum Herb
Species Hypericum kalmianum Shrub
Species Hypericum prolificum Shrub
Species Hypericum sphaerocarpum Herb
Species Hypericum frondosum Shrub
Section Hypericum sect. Hypericum Herb
Species Hypericum punctatum Herb
Species Hypericum scouleri Herb
Species Hypericum maculatum Herb
Subspecies Hypericum maculatum subsp. obtusiusculum Herb
Species Hypericum perforatum Herb
Subspecies Hypericum perforatum subsp. perforatum Herb
Species Hypericum pulchrum Herb
Species Hypericum fraseri Herb
Species Hypericum virginicum Herb
Section Hypericum sect. Taeniocarpium Herb
Species Hypericum hirsutum Herb
Species Hypericum tetrapterum Herb
Section Hypericum sect. Androsaemum Herb
Species Hypericum androsaemum Herb
Section Hypericum sect. Ascyreia Shrub
Species Hypericum calycinum Shrub
Family Linaceae Herb
Subfamily Linoideae Herb
Genus Linum Herb
Section Linum sect. Linum Herb
Species Linum usitatissimum Herb
Species Linum pratense Herb
Species Linum lewisii Herb
Variety Linum lewisii var. lewisii Herb
Variety Linum lewisii var. lepagei Herb
Species Linum perenne Herb
Species Linum bienne Herb
Species Linum austriacum Herb
Section Linum sect. Cathartolinum Herb
Species Linum catharticum Herb
Section Linum sect. Linopsis Herb
Species Linum medium Herb
Variety Linum medium var. medium Herb
Variety Linum medium var. texanum Herb
Species Linum virginianum Herb
Species Linum striatum Herb
Species Linum sulcatum Herb
Species Linum rigidum Herb
Variety Linum rigidum var. rigidum Herb
Species Linum compactum Herb
Genus Radiola Herb
Species Radiola linoides Herb
Family Podostemaceae Herb
Subfamily Podostemoideae Herb
Tribe Podostemeae Herb
Genus Podostemum Herb
Species Podostemum ceratophyllum Herb
Family Salicaceae Shrub, Tree
Tribe Saliceae Shrub, Tree
Genus Populus Tree
Species Populus nigra Tree
Variety Populus nigra var. italica Tree
Section Populus sect. Aigeiros Tree
Species Populus deltoides Tree
Subspecies Populus deltoides subsp. deltoides Tree
Subspecies Populus deltoides subsp. monilifera Tree
Species Populus alba Tree
Section Populus sect. Intersectional Tree
Section Populus sect. Leucoides Tree
Species Populus heterophylla Tree
Section Populus sect. Populus Tree
Species Populus grandidentata Tree
Species Populus tremuloides Tree
Species Populus tremula Tree
Section Populus sect. Tacamahaca Tree
Species Populus angustifolia Tree
Species Populus balsamifera Tree
Species Populus trichocarpa Tree
Genus Salix Shrub, Tree
Subgenus Salix subg. Chamaetia Shrub
Section Salix sect. Chamaetia Shrub
Species Salix nivalis Shrub
Species Salix reticulata Shrub
Species Salix vestita Shrub
Section Salix sect. Diplodictyae Shrub
Species Salix arctica Shrub
Species Salix cascadensis Shrub
Species Salix petrophila Shrub
Species Salix sphenophylla Shrub
Section Salix sect. Glaucae Shrub
Species Salix niphoclada Shrub
Species Salix brachycarpa Shrub
Variety Salix brachycarpa var. brachycarpa Shrub
Variety Salix brachycarpa var. psammophila Shrub
Species Salix glauca Shrub
Variety Salix glauca var. acutifolia Shrub
Variety Salix glauca var. cordifolia Shrub
Variety Salix glauca var. glauca Shrub
Variety Salix glauca var. villosa Shrub
Variety Salix glauca var. stipulata Shrub
Section Salix sect. Herbella Shrub
Species Salix herbacea Shrub
Species Salix polaris Shrub
Species Salix rotundifolia Shrub
Variety Salix rotundifolia var. dodgeana Shrub
Variety Salix rotundifolia var. rotundifolia Shrub
Section Salix sect. Myrtilloides Shrub
Species Salix athabascensis Shrub
Species Salix chlorolepis Shrub
Species Salix pedicellaris Shrub
Species Salix raupii Shrub
Section Salix sect. Myrtosalix Shrub
Species Salix arctophila Shrub
Species Salix chamissonis Shrub
Species Salix fuscescens Shrub
Species Salix phlebophylla Shrub
Species Salix uva-ursi Shrub
Section Salix sect. Ovalifoliae Shrub
Species Salix jejuna Shrub
Species Salix stolonifera Shrub
Species Salix ovalifolia Shrub
Variety Salix ovalifolia var. arctolittoralis Shrub
Variety Salix ovalifolia var. ovalifolia Shrub
Section Salix sect. Setchellianae Shrub
Species Salix setchelliana Shrub
Subgenus Salix subg. Longifoliae Shrub, Tree
Species Salix sessilifolia Shrub
Species Salix interior Shrub
Species Salix melanopsis Shrub