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Results: 179

Rank Scientific name Habit BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NL-N NL-L SM YT NT NU GL
Order Boraginales Herb
Family Boraginaceae Herb
Subfamily Boraginoideae Herb
Tribe Boragineae Herb
Genus Anchusa Herb
Species Anchusa arvensis Herb
Species Anchusa azurea Herb
Species Anchusa officinalis Herb
Genus Borago Herb
Species Borago officinalis Herb
Genus Nonea Herb
Species Nonea versicolor Herb
Species Nonea vesicaria Herb
Genus Pulmonaria Herb
Species Pulmonaria officinalis Herb
Species Pulmonaria saccharata Herb
Genus Symphytum Herb
Species Symphytum asperum Herb
Species Symphytum officinale Herb
Genus Pentaglottis Herb
Species Pentaglottis sempervirens Herb
Tribe Lithospermeae Herb
Genus Buglossoides Herb
Species Buglossoides arvensis Herb
Genus Cerinthe Herb
Species Cerinthe major Herb
Genus Lithospermum Herb
Species Lithospermum canescens Herb
Species Lithospermum incisum Herb
Species Lithospermum latifolium Herb
Species Lithospermum officinale Herb
Species Lithospermum ruderale Herb
Species Lithospermum caroliniense Herb
Species Lithospermum occidentale Herb
Species Lithospermum parviflorum Herb
Genus Echium Herb
Species Echium plantagineum Herb
Species Echium vulgare Herb
Subfamily Cynoglossoideae Herb
Tribe Omphalodeae Herb
Genus Omphalodes Herb
Species Omphalodes linifolia Herb
Species Omphalodes verna Herb
Tribe Rochelieae Herb
Genus Eritrichium Herb
Species Eritrichium aretioides Herb
Species Eritrichium chamissonis Herb
Species Eritrichium splendens Herb
Species Eritrichium arctisibiricum Herb
Species Eritrichium grandiflorum Herb
Species Eritrichium boreale Herb
Genus Hackelia Herb
Species Hackelia ciliata Herb
Species Hackelia floribunda Herb
Species Hackelia micrantha Herb
Species Hackelia virginiana Herb
Species Hackelia diffusa Herb
Variety Hackelia diffusa var. diffusa Herb
Species Hackelia americana Herb
Genus Lappula Herb
Species Lappula squarrosa Herb
Species Lappula occidentalis Herb
Variety Lappula occidentalis var. cupulata Herb
Variety Lappula occidentalis var. occidentalis Herb
Species Lappula fremontii Herb
Species Lappula montana
Tribe Asperugeae Herb
Genus Asperugo Herb
Species Asperugo procumbens Herb
Genus Mertensia Herb
Species Mertensia drummondii Herb
Species Mertensia longiflora Herb
Species Mertensia virginica Herb
Species Mertensia oblongifolia Herb
Species Mertensia lanceolata Herb
Species Mertensia paniculata Herb
Variety Mertensia paniculata var. alaskana Herb
Variety Mertensia paniculata var. borealis Herb
Variety Mertensia paniculata var. paniculata Herb
Species Mertensia maritima Herb
Subspecies Mertensia maritima subsp. maritima Herb
Subspecies Mertensia maritima subsp. tenella Herb
Tribe Myosotideae Herb
Genus Myosotis Herb
Species Myosotis arvensis Herb
Species Myosotis asiatica Herb
Species Myosotis discolor Herb
Species Myosotis laxa Herb
Species Myosotis macrosperma Herb
Species Myosotis scorpioides Herb
Species Myosotis stricta Herb
Species Myosotis sylvatica Herb
Species Myosotis verna Herb
Genus Trigonotis Herb
Species Trigonotis peduncularis Herb
Tribe Cynoglosseae Herb
Genus Cynoglossum Herb
Species Cynoglossum officinale Herb
Genus Andersonglossum Herb
Species Andersonglossum boreale Herb
Genus Amsinckia Herb
Species Amsinckia intermedia Herb
Species Amsinckia lycopsoides Herb
Species Amsinckia menziesii Herb
Species Amsinckia retrorsa Herb
Species Amsinckia spectabilis Herb
Variety Amsinckia spectabilis var. spectabilis Herb
Species Amsinckia tessellata Herb
Variety Amsinckia tessellata var. tessellata Herb
Genus Cryptantha Herb
Species Cryptantha affinis Herb
Species Cryptantha ambigua Herb
Species Cryptantha fendleri Herb
Species Cryptantha intermedia Herb
Variety Cryptantha intermedia var. intermedia Herb
Species Cryptantha kelseyana Herb
Species Cryptantha minima Herb
Species Cryptantha torreyana Herb
Variety Cryptantha torreyana var. torreyana Herb
Species Cryptantha watsonii Herb
Genus Pectocarya Herb
Species Pectocarya penicillata Herb
Genus Plagiobothrys Herb
Species Plagiobothrys tenellus Herb
Species Plagiobothrys leptocladus Herb
Species Plagiobothrys scouleri Herb
Variety Plagiobothrys scouleri var. hispidulus Herb
Variety Plagiobothrys scouleri var. scouleri Herb
Variety Plagiobothrys scouleri var. cusickii
Species Plagiobothrys figuratus Herb
Subspecies Plagiobothrys figuratus subsp. figuratus Herb
Species Plagiobothrys humistratus Herb
Genus Oreocarya Herb
Species Oreocarya nubigena Herb
Species Oreocarya glomerata Herb
Family Hydrophyllaceae Herb
Genus Ellisia Herb
Species Ellisia nyctelea Herb
Genus Hesperochiron Herb
Species Hesperochiron pumilus Herb
Genus Hydrophyllum Herb
Subgenus Hydrophyllum subg. Decemium Herb
Species Hydrophyllum appendiculatum Herb
Subgenus Hydrophyllum subg. Hydrophyllum Herb
Species Hydrophyllum canadense Herb
Species Hydrophyllum capitatum
Species Hydrophyllum fendleri Herb
Variety Hydrophyllum fendleri var. albifrons Herb
Species Hydrophyllum tenuipes Herb
Species Hydrophyllum virginianum Herb
Variety Hydrophyllum virginianum var. virginianum Herb
Genus Nemophila Herb
Species Nemophila breviflora Herb
Species Nemophila pedunculata Herb
Species Nemophila parviflora Herb
Variety Nemophila parviflora var. parviflora Herb
Genus Phacelia Herb
Species Phacelia campanularia Herb
Species Phacelia franklinii Herb
Species Phacelia heterophylla Herb
Species Phacelia leptosepala Herb
Species Phacelia linearis Herb
Species Phacelia lyallii Herb
Species Phacelia mollis Herb
Species Phacelia purshii Herb
Variety Phacelia purshii var. purshii Herb
Species Phacelia ramosissima Herb
Species Phacelia sericea Herb
Species Phacelia tanacetifolia Herb
Species Phacelia thermalis Herb
Species Phacelia hastata Herb
Variety Phacelia hastata var. hastata Herb
Genus Romanzoffia Herb
Species Romanzoffia sitchensis Herb
Species Romanzoffia tracyi Herb
Family Heliotropiaceae Herb
Genus Heliotropium Herb
Species Heliotropium curassavicum Herb
Variety Heliotropium curassavicum var. obovatum Herb