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Results: 116

Rank Scientific name Habit BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NL-N NL-L SM YT NT NU GL
Class Equisetopsida Herb, Shrub, Tree, Vine
Subclass Magnoliidae Herb, Shrub, Tree, Vine
Superorder Asteranae Herb, Shrub, Tree, Vine
Order Apiales Herb, Shrub, Tree
Family Araliaceae Herb, Shrub, Tree
Subfamily Aralioideae Herb, Shrub, Tree
Tribe Aralieae Herb, Tree, Shrub
Genus Aralia Herb, Tree, Shrub
Order Aquifoliales Shrub, Tree
Family Aquifoliaceae Shrub, Tree
Genus Ilex Shrub, Tree
Order Cornales Shrub, Herb, Tree
Family Cornaceae Shrub, Herb, Tree
Genus Cornus Shrub, Herb, Tree
Subgenus Cornus subg. Kraniopsis Shrub, Tree
Order Dipsacales Shrub, Herb, Tree, Vine
Family Viburnaceae Shrub, Herb, Tree
Order Ericales Herb, Shrub, Tree, Vine
Family Ericaceae Shrub, Herb, Tree
Subfamily Arbutoideae Shrub, Tree
Order Lamiales Herb, Shrub, Tree
Family Oleaceae Shrub, Tree
Tribe Oleeae Tree, Shrub
Subtribe Fraxininae Tree
Genus Fraxinus Tree
Species Fraxinus excelsior Tree
Superorder Rosanae Herb, Shrub, Tree, Vine
Order Fabales Herb, Shrub, Tree
Family Fabaceae Herb, Shrub, Tree
Subfamily Papilionoideae Herb, Shrub, Tree
Tribe Genisteae Herb, Shrub, Tree
Order Fagales Tree, Shrub
Family Betulaceae Shrub, Tree
Subfamily Betuloideae Shrub, Tree
Genus Alnus Shrub, Tree
Genus Betula Shrub, Tree
Subgenus Betula subg. Aspereae Tree
Section Betula sect. Lentae Tree
Species Betula alleghaniensis Tree
Subgenus Betula subg. Betula Shrub, Tree
Section Betula sect. Betula Tree, Shrub
Species Betula cordifolia Tree
Species Betula papyrifera Tree
Subfamily Coryloideae Shrub, Tree
Order Malpighiales Shrub, Herb, Tree
Family Salicaceae Shrub, Tree
Tribe Saliceae Shrub, Tree
Genus Populus Tree
Section Populus sect. Aigeiros Tree
Species Populus alba Tree
Section Populus sect. Populus Tree
Species Populus tremuloides Tree
Section Populus sect. Tacamahaca Tree
Species Populus balsamifera Tree
Genus Salix Shrub, Tree
Subgenus Salix subg. Salix Shrub, Tree
Section Salix sect. Salicaster Shrub, Tree
Section Salix sect. Salix Tree, Shrub
Species Salix alba Tree
Subgenus Salix subg. Vetrix Shrub, Tree
Order Malvales Herb, Tree, Shrub
Family Malvaceae Herb, Tree
Order Rosales Shrub, Herb, Tree, Vine
Family Rosaceae Shrub, Herb, Tree
Subfamily Amygdaloideae Shrub, Tree, Herb
Tribe Maleae Shrub, Tree
Genus Amelanchier Shrub, Tree
Species Amelanchier laevis Tree, Shrub
Genus Malus Tree, Shrub
Species Malus domestica Tree, Shrub
Genus Sorbus Tree, Shrub
Species Sorbus americana Tree, Shrub
Species Sorbus aucuparia Tree
Species Sorbus decora Tree, Shrub
Tribe Amygdaleae Shrub, Tree
Genus Prunus Shrub, Tree
Species Prunus pensylvanica Tree, Shrub
Species Prunus virginiana Tree, Shrub
Variety Prunus virginiana var. virginiana Tree, Shrub
Family Ulmaceae Tree
Genus Ulmus Tree
Species Ulmus glabra Tree
Order Sapindales Tree, Shrub, Herb, Vine
Family Sapindaceae Tree, Shrub
Subfamily Hippocastanoideae Tree, Shrub
Tribe Acereae Tree, Shrub
Genus Acer Tree, Shrub
Superorder Saxifraganae Herb, Shrub, Tree
Order Saxifragales Herb, Shrub, Tree
Subclass Pinidae Tree, Shrub
Order Pinales Tree, Shrub
Family Pinaceae Tree, Shrub
Subfamily Pinoideae Tree, Shrub
Genus Pinus Tree, Shrub
Subgenus Pinus subg. Strobus Tree
Species Pinus strobus Tree
Subfamily Piceoideae Tree
Genus Picea Tree
Species Picea glauca Tree
Species Picea mariana Tree
Species Picea rubens Tree
Subfamily Laricoideae Tree
Genus Larix Tree
Section Larix sect. Larix Tree
Species Larix laricina Tree
Subfamily Abietoideae Tree
Genus Abies Tree
Section Abies sect. Balsamea Tree
Subsection Abies subsect. Laterales Tree
Species Abies balsamea Tree
Variety Abies balsamea var. balsamea Tree
Variety Abies balsamea var. phanerolepis Tree
Order Cupressales Shrub, Tree
Family Cupressaceae Shrub, Tree
Family Taxaceae Tree, Shrub
Genus Taxus Tree, Shrub