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  • PrairiesAlberta
  • Saskatchewan
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  • CentralOntario
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  • AtlanticNew Brunswick
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Rank Scientific name Habit BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NL-N NL-L SM YT NT NU GL
Order Ranunculales Herb, Vine, Shrub
Family Berberidaceae Herb, Shrub
Subfamily Berberoideae Herb, Shrub
Tribe Berberideae Herb, Shrub
Genus Achlys Herb
Species Achlys californica Herb
Species Achlys triphylla Herb
Genus Berberis Herb
Species Berberis thunbergii Herb
Species Berberis vulgaris Herb
Genus Jeffersonia Herb
Species Jeffersonia diphylla Herb
Genus Podophyllum Herb
Species Podophyllum peltatum Herb
Genus Vancouveria Herb
Species Vancouveria hexandra Herb
Genus Mahonia Shrub
Species Mahonia aquifolium Shrub
Species Mahonia nervosa Shrub
Species Mahonia repens Shrub
Tribe Leonticeae Herb
Genus Caulophyllum Herb
Species Caulophyllum giganteum Herb
Species Caulophyllum thalictroides Herb
Family Menispermaceae Vine
Tribe Menispermeae Vine
Genus Menispermum Vine
Species Menispermum canadense Vine
Family Papaveraceae Herb
Subfamily Fumarioideae Herb
Genus Adlumia Herb
Species Adlumia fungosa Herb
Genus Capnoides Herb
Species Capnoides sempervirens Herb
Genus Corydalis Herb
Species Corydalis flavula Herb
Species Corydalis pauciflora Herb
Species Corydalis scouleri Herb
Species Corydalis solida Herb
Species Corydalis aurea Herb
Subspecies Corydalis aurea subsp. aurea Herb
Species Corydalis nobilis Herb
Genus Dicentra Herb
Species Dicentra canadensis Herb
Species Dicentra cucullaria Herb
Species Dicentra uniflora Herb
Species Dicentra formosa Herb
Subspecies Dicentra formosa subsp. formosa Herb
Genus Fumaria Herb
Species Fumaria bastardii Herb
Species Fumaria officinalis Herb
Species Fumaria reuteri Herb
Species Fumaria muralis Herb
Subfamily Papaveroideae Herb
Genus Argemone Herb
Species Argemone mexicana Herb
Genus Papaver Herb
Section Papaver sect. Meconella Herb
Species Papaver alboroseum Herb
Species Papaver keelei Herb
Species Papaver mcconnellii Herb
Species Papaver pygmaeum Herb
Species Papaver kluanense Herb
Species Papaver walpolei Herb
Species Papaver cornwallisense Herb
Species Papaver labradoricum Herb
Species Papaver lapponicum Herb
Subspecies Papaver lapponicum subsp. occidentale Herb
Species Papaver nudicaule Herb
Subspecies Papaver nudicaule subsp. americanum Herb
Species Papaver dahlianum Herb
Species Papaver radicatum Herb
Subspecies Papaver radicatum subsp. radicatum Herb
Species Papaver hultenii Herb
Species Papaver croceum Herb
Section Papaver sect. Argemonidium Herb
Species Papaver argemone Herb
Section Papaver sect. Rhoeadium Herb
Species Papaver dubium Herb
Species Papaver rhoeas Herb
Section Papaver sect. Macrantha Herb
Species Papaver orientale Herb
Section Papaver sect. Papaver Herb
Species Papaver somniferum Herb
Species Papaver gorodkovii Herb
Genus Meconopsis Herb
Species Meconopsis cambrica Herb
Subfamily Chelidonioideae Herb
Genus Chelidonium Herb
Species Chelidonium majus Herb
Genus Glaucium Herb
Species Glaucium flavum Herb
Genus Macleaya Herb
Species Macleaya cordata Herb
Genus Sanguinaria Herb
Species Sanguinaria canadensis Herb
Genus Stylophorum Herb
Species Stylophorum diphyllum Herb
Subfamily Eschscholzioideae Herb
Genus Eschscholzia Herb
Species Eschscholzia californica Herb
Subfamily Platystemonoideae Herb
Genus Meconella Herb
Species Meconella oregana Herb
Family Ranunculaceae Herb, Vine
Subfamily Ranunculoideae Herb, Vine
Tribe Isopyreae Herb
Genus Thalictrum Herb
Section Thalictrum sect. Thalictrum Herb
Species Thalictrum alpinum Herb
Section Thalictrum sect. Heterogamia Herb
Species Thalictrum confine Herb
Species Thalictrum dioicum Herb
Species Thalictrum occidentale Herb
Species Thalictrum venulosum Herb
Section Thalictrum sect. Leucocoma Herb
Species Thalictrum dasycarpum Herb
Species Thalictrum pubescens Herb
Species Thalictrum amphibolum Herb
Section Thalictrum sect. Omalophysa Herb
Species Thalictrum sparsiflorum Herb
Section Thalictrum sect. Anemonella Herb
Species Thalictrum thalictroides Herb
Species Thalictrum aquilegiifolium Herb
Genus Aquilegia Herb
Species Aquilegia brevistyla Herb
Species Aquilegia canadensis Herb
Species Aquilegia flavescens Herb
Species Aquilegia jonesii Herb
Species Aquilegia vulgaris Herb
Species Aquilegia formosa Herb
Variety Aquilegia formosa var. formosa Herb
Genus Enemion Herb
Species Enemion biternatum Herb
Species Enemion savilei Herb
Tribe Adonideae Herb
Genus Adonis Herb
Species Adonis annua Herb
Genus Trollius Herb
Species Trollius albiflorus Herb
Species Trollius europaeus Herb
Tribe Anemoneae Herb, Vine
Genus Anemone Herb
Species Anemone blanda Herb
Species Anemone cylindrica Herb
Species Anemone lyallii Herb
Species Anemone parviflora Herb
Species Anemone piperi Herb
Species Anemone ranunculoides Herb
Species Anemone drummondii Herb
Variety Anemone drummondii var. drummondii Herb
Variety Anemone drummondii var. lithophila Herb
Species Anemone multifida Herb
Variety Anemone multifida var. multifida Herb
Variety Anemone multifida var. saxicola Herb
Species Anemone quinquefolia Herb
Variety Anemone quinquefolia var. quinquefolia Herb
Species Anemone virginiana Herb
Variety Anemone virginiana var. alba Herb
Variety Anemone virginiana var. cylindroidea Herb
Variety Anemone virginiana var. virginiana Herb
Species Anemone nemorosa Herb
Species Anemone multiceps Herb
Genus Clematis Vine
Subgenus Clematis subg. Clematis Vine
Species Clematis ligusticifolia Vine
Species Clematis orientalis Vine
Species Clematis recta Vine
Species Clematis terniflora Vine
Species Clematis virginiana Vine
Species Clematis vitalba Vine
Species Clematis tangutica Vine
Variety Clematis tangutica var. tangutica Vine
Subgenus Clematis subg. Atragene Vine
Species Clematis occidentalis Vine
Variety Clematis occidentalis var. grosseserrata Vine
Variety Clematis occidentalis var. occidentalis Vine
Subgenus Clematis subg. Viorna Vine
Species Clematis viorna Vine
Subgenus Clematis subg. Viticella Vine
Species Clematis viticella Vine
Species Clematis campaniflora Vine
Species Clematis integrifolia Vine
Species Clematis serratifolia Vine
Genus Anemonastrum Herb
Section Anemonastrum sect. Anemonastrum Herb
Species Anemonastrum sibiricum Herb
Section Anemonastrum sect. Anemonidium Herb
Species Anemonastrum canadense Herb
Species Anemonastrum richardsonii Herb
Genus Pulsatilla Herb
Species Pulsatilla nuttalliana Herb
Species Pulsatilla occidentalis Herb
Genus Hepatica Herb
Species Hepatica acutiloba Herb
Species Hepatica americana Herb
Tribe Ranunculeae Herb
Genus Myosurus Herb
Species Myosurus minimus Herb
Species Myosurus apetalus Herb