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Rank Scientific name Habit BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NL-N NL-L SM YT NT NU GL
Class Equisetopsida Herb, Shrub, Tree, Vine
Subclass Equisetidae Herb
Order Equisetales Herb
Family Equisetaceae Herb
Genus Equisetum Herb
Subgenus Equisetum subg. Equisetum Herb
Species Equisetum fluviatile Herb
Species Equisetum arvense Herb
Species Equisetum pratense Herb
Species Equisetum palustre Herb
Species Equisetum sylvaticum Herb
Species Equisetum ×litorale Herb
Subgenus Equisetum subg. Hippochaete Herb
Species Equisetum scirpoides Herb
Species Equisetum variegatum Herb
Subspecies Equisetum variegatum subsp. variegatum Herb
Subclass Lycopodiidae Herb
Order Isoetales Herb
Family Isoetaceae Herb
Genus Isoetes Herb
Species Isoetes echinospora Herb
Species Isoetes lacustris Herb
Order Lycopodiales Herb
Family Lycopodiaceae Herb
Subfamily Huperzioideae Herb
Genus Huperzia Herb
Species Huperzia appressa Herb
Species Huperzia selago Herb
Species Huperzia ×josephbeitelii Herb
Species Huperzia continentalis Herb
Subfamily Lycopodielloideae Herb
Genus Lycopodiella Herb
Species Lycopodiella inundata Herb
Subfamily Lycopodioideae Herb
Genus Diphasiastrum Herb
Species Diphasiastrum alpinum Herb
Species Diphasiastrum complanatum Herb
Species Diphasiastrum sitchense Herb
Species Diphasiastrum ×sabinifolium Herb
Species Diphasiastrum ×takedae Herb
Genus Lycopodium Herb
Species Lycopodium lagopus Herb
Genus Dendrolycopodium Herb
Species Dendrolycopodium dendroideum Herb
Genus Spinulum Herb
Species Spinulum annotinum Herb
Subspecies Spinulum annotinum subsp. annotinum Herb
Order Selaginellales Herb
Family Selaginellaceae Herb
Genus Selaginella Herb
Subgenus Selaginella subg. Selaginella Herb
Species Selaginella selaginoides Herb
Subclass Magnoliidae Herb, Shrub, Tree, Vine
Superorder Asteranae Herb, Shrub, Tree, Vine
Order Apiales Herb, Tree, Shrub
Family Apiaceae Herb
Subfamily Apioideae Herb
Tribe Scandiceae Herb
Genus Osmorhiza Herb
Species Osmorhiza depauperata Herb
Tribe Tordylieae Herb
Genus Heracleum Herb
Species Heracleum maximum Herb
Tribe Oenantheae Herb
Genus Cicuta Herb
Species Cicuta bulbifera Herb
Tribe Selineae Herb
Genus Angelica Herb
Species Angelica atropurpurea Herb
Species Angelica lucida Herb
Tribe Conioselinum chinense clade Herb
Genus Conioselinum Herb
Species Conioselinum chinense Herb
Genus Ligusticum Herb
Species Ligusticum scoticum Herb
Subspecies Ligusticum scoticum subsp. scoticum Herb
Family Araliaceae Herb, Tree, Shrub
Subfamily Aralioideae Herb, Tree, Shrub
Tribe Aralieae Herb, Tree, Shrub
Genus Aralia Herb, Tree, Shrub
Species Aralia hispida Herb
Order Asterales Herb, Shrub
Family Campanulaceae Herb
Subfamily Campanuloideae Herb
Genus Campanula Herb
Species Campanula gieseckeana Herb
Subfamily Lobelioideae Herb
Genus Lobelia Herb
Section Lobelia sect. Lobelia Herb
Species Lobelia dortmanna Herb
Family Menyanthaceae Herb
Genus Menyanthes Herb
Species Menyanthes trifoliata Herb
Family Asteraceae Herb, Shrub
Subfamily Asteroideae Herb, Shrub
Tribe Anthemideae Herb, Shrub
Subtribe Artemisiinae Herb, Shrub
Genus Artemisia Herb, Shrub
Subgenus Artemisia subg. Dracunculus Herb
Species Artemisia campestris Herb
Subspecies Artemisia campestris subsp. canadensis Herb
Subtribe Matricariinae Herb
Genus Achillea Herb
Species Achillea borealis Herb
Variety Achillea borealis var. borealis Herb
Tribe Astereae Herb, Shrub
Genus Erigeron Herb
Species Erigeron elatus Herb
Species Erigeron hyssopifolius Herb
Genus Eurybia Herb
Species Eurybia radula Herb
Genus Oclemena Herb
Species Oclemena nemoralis Herb
Genus Solidago Herb
Section Solidago sect. Solidago Herb
Subsection Solidago subsect. Triplinerviae Herb
Species Solidago brendae Herb
Species Solidago fallax Herb
Variety Solidago fallax var. fallax Herb
Subsection Solidago subsect. Solidago Herb
Species Solidago multiradiata Herb
Species Solidago macrophylla Herb
Subsection Solidago subsect. Maritimae Herb
Species Solidago uliginosa Herb
Variety Solidago uliginosa var. peracuta Herb
Genus Symphyotrichum Herb
Subgenus Symphyotrichum subg. Symphyotrichum Herb
Section Symphyotrichum sect. Symphyotrichum Herb
Species Symphyotrichum novi-belgii Herb
Variety Symphyotrichum novi-belgii var. novi-belgii Herb
Species Symphyotrichum puniceum Herb
Variety Symphyotrichum puniceum var. puniceum Herb
Tribe Gnaphalieae Herb
Genus Anaphalis Herb
Species Anaphalis margaritacea Herb
Genus Antennaria Herb
Species Antennaria alpina Herb
Species Antennaria rosea Herb
Subspecies Antennaria rosea subsp. confinis Herb
Subspecies Antennaria rosea subsp. pulvinata Herb
Genus Omalotheca Herb
Species Omalotheca norvegica Herb
Species Omalotheca supina Herb
Species Omalotheca sylvatica Herb
Tribe Madieae Herb
Genus Arnica Herb
Species Arnica angustifolia Herb
Subspecies Arnica angustifolia subsp. angustifolia Herb
Tribe Senecioneae Herb, Shrub
Genus Packera Herb
Species Packera aurea Herb
Species Packera pauciflora Herb
Species Packera paupercula Herb
Variety Packera paupercula var. paupercula Herb
Genus Petasites Herb
Species Petasites frigidus Herb
Variety Petasites frigidus var. palmatus Herb
Genus Senecio Herb
Species Senecio pseudoarnica Herb
Subfamily Carduoideae Herb
Tribe Cardueae Herb
Genus Cirsium Herb
Species Cirsium muticum Herb
Subfamily Cichorioideae Herb
Tribe Cichorieae Herb
Genus Hieracium Herb
Species Hieracium umbellatum Herb
Species Hieracium vulgatum Herb
Species Hieracium groenlandicum Herb
Genus Lactuca Herb
Species Lactuca biennis Herb
Genus Nabalus Herb
Species Nabalus trifoliolatus Herb
Genus Taraxacum Herb
Species Taraxacum ceratophorum Herb
Species Taraxacum lapponicum Herb
Species Taraxacum phymatocarpum Herb
Genus Askellia Herb
Species Askellia pygmaea Herb
Order Boraginales Herb
Family Boraginaceae Herb
Subfamily Cynoglossoideae Herb
Tribe Asperugeae Herb
Genus Mertensia Herb
Species Mertensia maritima Herb
Subspecies Mertensia maritima subsp. maritima Herb
Order Cornales Shrub, Herb, Tree
Family Cornaceae Shrub, Herb, Tree
Genus Cornus Shrub, Herb, Tree
Subgenus Cornus subg. Arctocrania Herb
Species Cornus suecica Herb
Species Cornus canadensis Herb
Species Cornus ×lepagei Herb
Subgenus Cornus subg. Kraniopsis Shrub, Tree
Species Cornus sericea Shrub
Order Dipsacales Shrub, Herb, Tree, Vine
Family Caprifoliaceae Shrub, Herb, Vine
Tribe Diervilleae Shrub
Genus Diervilla Shrub
Species Diervilla lonicera Shrub