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Results: 125

Rank Scientific name Habit BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NL-N NL-L SM YT NT NU GL
Order Dipsacales Shrub, Herb, Tree, Vine
Family Caprifoliaceae Shrub, Herb, Vine
Tribe Dipsaceae Herb
Genus Cephalaria Herb
Species Cephalaria alpina Herb
Species Cephalaria gigantea Herb
Genus Dipsacus Herb
Species Dipsacus fullonum Herb
Species Dipsacus laciniatus Herb
Genus Knautia Herb
Species Knautia arvensis Herb
Genus Scabiosa Herb
Species Scabiosa ochroleuca Herb
Genus Succisa Herb
Species Succisa pratensis Herb
Genus Succisella Herb
Species Succisella inflexa Herb
Tribe Diervilleae Shrub
Genus Diervilla Shrub
Species Diervilla lonicera Shrub
Genus Weigela Shrub
Species Weigela floribunda Shrub
Tribe Linnaeeae Herb, Vine, Shrub
Genus Linnaea Herb, Vine
Species Linnaea borealis Herb, Vine
Subspecies Linnaea borealis subsp. borealis Herb, Vine
Subspecies Linnaea borealis subsp. longiflora Herb
Genus Kolkwitzia Shrub
Species Kolkwitzia amabilis Shrub
Tribe Lonicereae Shrub, Herb
Genus Lonicera Shrub
Species Lonicera canadensis Shrub
Species Lonicera caprifolium Shrub
Species Lonicera chrysantha Shrub
Species Lonicera ciliosa Shrub
Species Lonicera emphyllocalyx Shrub
Species Lonicera etrusca Shrub
Species Lonicera hirsuta Shrub
Species Lonicera hispidula Shrub
Species Lonicera japonica Shrub
Species Lonicera maackii Shrub
Species Lonicera morrowii Shrub
Species Lonicera oblongifolia Shrub
Species Lonicera periclymenum Shrub
Species Lonicera reticulata Shrub
Species Lonicera tatarica Shrub
Species Lonicera utahensis Shrub
Species Lonicera villosa Shrub
Species Lonicera xylosteum Shrub
Species Lonicera caerulea Shrub
Variety Lonicera caerulea var. cauriana Shrub
Species Lonicera dioica Shrub
Variety Lonicera dioica var. dioica Shrub
Variety Lonicera dioica var. glaucescens Shrub
Species Lonicera involucrata Shrub
Variety Lonicera involucrata var. involucrata Shrub
Species Lonicera sempervirens Shrub
Variety Lonicera sempervirens var. sempervirens Shrub
Species Lonicera ruprechtiana Shrub
Genus Symphoricarpos Shrub
Species Symphoricarpos occidentalis Shrub
Species Symphoricarpos orbiculatus Shrub
Species Symphoricarpos albus Shrub
Variety Symphoricarpos albus var. albus Shrub
Variety Symphoricarpos albus var. laevigatus Shrub
Species Symphoricarpos mollis Shrub
Variety Symphoricarpos mollis var. hesperius Shrub
Species Symphoricarpos rotundifolius Shrub
Variety Symphoricarpos rotundifolius var. vaccinioides Shrub
Genus Triosteum Herb
Species Triosteum angustifolium Herb
Species Triosteum perfoliatum Herb
Species Triosteum aurantiacum Herb
Variety Triosteum aurantiacum var. aurantiacum Herb
Tribe Valerianeae Herb
Genus Plectritis Herb
Species Plectritis macrocera Herb
Species Plectritis congesta Herb
Subspecies Plectritis congesta subsp. brachystemon Herb
Subspecies Plectritis congesta subsp. congesta Herb
Genus Valeriana Herb
Species Valeriana capitata Herb
Species Valeriana officinalis Herb
Species Valeriana scouleri Herb
Species Valeriana sitchensis Herb
Species Valeriana uliginosa Herb
Species Valeriana dioica Herb
Subspecies Valeriana dioica subsp. sylvatica Herb
Species Valeriana edulis Herb
Subspecies Valeriana edulis subsp. ciliata Herb
Subspecies Valeriana edulis subsp. edulis Herb
Genus Valerianella Herb
Species Valerianella chenopodiifolia Herb
Species Valerianella locusta Herb
Species Valerianella umbilicata Herb
Genus Centranthus Herb
Species Centranthus ruber Herb
Family Viburnaceae Shrub, Herb, Tree
Genus Adoxa Herb
Species Adoxa moschatellina Herb
Genus Sambucus Shrub, Tree, Herb
Species Sambucus cerulea Shrub
Species Sambucus canadensis Shrub
Species Sambucus ebulus Herb
Species Sambucus nigra Shrub
Species Sambucus racemosa Tree, Shrub
Species Sambucus melanocarpa Shrub
Genus Viburnum Shrub
Section Viburnum sect. Opulus Shrub
Species Viburnum opulus Shrub
Variety Viburnum opulus var. opulus Shrub
Variety Viburnum opulus var. americanum Shrub
Species Viburnum edule Shrub
Section Viburnum sect. Odontinus Shrub
Species Viburnum acerifolium Shrub
Species Viburnum dentatum Shrub
Variety Viburnum dentatum var. lucidum Shrub
Species Viburnum rafinesqueanum Shrub
Section Viburnum sect. Pseudotinus Shrub
Species Viburnum lantanoides Shrub
Section Viburnum sect. Viburnum Shrub
Species Viburnum lantana Shrub
Section Viburnum sect. Lentago Shrub
Species Viburnum lentago Shrub
Species Viburnum cassinoides Shrub